death by grammar

a few days ago, a friend forwarded some scanned pictures of a call center applicant’s essay to our yahoogroup. we had different reactions: some of us were horrified at the absolute monstrosity of the essay, while some of us laughed at the very same monstrosity.

it was pointed out that this could very well be a hoax – an essay intentionally created and passed around as a call center applicant’s essay to tickle people’s funny bones or make them cringe and shrivel up and die. in any case, it got me thinking: we may be able to get away with speaking good english, but when it comes down to the written aspect, we fail miserably. i doubt that many call center applicants and employees have grammar this deplorable, but there will always be people who, for lack of a better term, SUCK when it comes to writing.

i have half a mind to show this to my students. i don’t know if this will get them to study grammar more and study harder, but it’s worth a shot, don’t you think? i don’t want their application essays leaked out and passed around for people to laugh at. ah yes, that may just be my biggest fear right now: for people to see one of my students’ essays, laugh at it then ask, “who the hell was this kid’s english teacher?” eek.


4 thoughts on “death by grammar

  1. nosugrefneb, i’m actually thinking of including it in one of our lessons, although i’m not really sure if it’ll do any good. their peer checking skills (during their writing activities) aren’t that good to begin with. in any case, it might still be worth a shot


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