we are officially over and done with our quarterly tests and let me just say that i am far from even SATISFIED with my kids’ results. an hour allotted for the test and practically everybody finished in 15 minutes – a record first for our subject. how is that even remotely possible? i have no idea.

i expected the worst, and i was not disappointed. *sigh* my mortality rate was the highest among all sections and it kills me to think that maybe it could’ve been the “teacher factor” that brought on this high mortality rate. i personally would like to think that it’s because of all the hours eaten up by the various activities that were scheduled during MY time, but i wasn’t the only teacher whose time was taken away from her. i thought that the ones who didn’t do so well were just really slow, but what kind of a teacher am i if i think that way and wash my hands of this?

maybe it’s just pms.

or not.

there’s just one way “out” of this rut: i simply have to do better. with my mentor leaving soon, my partner and i are going to be left alone to train the two noobs, not to mention ourselves. and if i want to do better, then it means ending this and getting back to work.



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