reading and writing

back in college, one of the things my favorite english teacher emphasized was that if we wanted to write well, we had to surround ourselves with literature whether they were excellently written or horribly done so. we learn from other people’s mistakes, and we are inspired to improve our own writing.

i have just started reading george orwell’s 1984, and it occurred to me how much my, ahem, our present situation is slowly turning into orwell’s “negative utopia.” technologically speaking, we’re far from this utopia from becoming a reality, but in terms of the ideas and concepts, there’s a noticeable movement in that direction. it scares me, honestly. i feel like i’m running out of privileges and, more importantly, rights.

i wrote about this recently in my other blog and as much as i am scared and at the same time frustrated and pissed at “it,” i realized how very “literary” and “intelligent” i actually sounded in that entry. *sigh* it’s rare that i get to be that way nowadays. with my daily interaction with pre-teens, i know i’m beginning to sound like a kid, too.

in any case, i’m beginning to miss actually having to write papers for school. dorky much? possibly.

i wonder why i stayed away from reading that novel for so long. it’s actually incredibly interesting. i’m hooked!


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