light grenades

incubus light grenadesah yes. just when i was on the verge of forgetting that incubus existed (gasp!), fate steps in and shows me their newest video “Anna Molly.”

i love you incubus. i’d go out and buy your new album if i weren’t so hell-bent on spending my money on overpriced coffee just for that freakin’ planner. i don’t even know why i’m still on the promo; i’m not even a fan of starbucks’ drinks. i guess it’s because i STARTED it, and it seems such a waste to not end what i started, right?

my favorite song so far is Love Hurts. the first thing that probably pops into people’s heads is that this is a ballad; i know it popped first into mine. however, it turned out to be such a rocking song (slow, yes, but not exactly a ballad) that i can’t find the strength to stop playing it.

in other news, the impromptu speech contest that our department sponsored and that i helped organize was a relative success. it ate up some of the lunch time of the kids, but that was okay since the lunch period was also extended. for a virgin planner like me, that whole shebang could have meant my death. it is no wonder that i am currently sick.

i am so proud of my boy who placed third in the contest. day after day i “trained” him by giving him all the topics i could think of. there were days when he went under the time limit, but there were also days when he did excellently. why he placed ONLY third when everybody else was expecting him to place second or even first is beyond me.


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