Forum 2007

i discovered this show only last night while i was waiting for the PBB Uplate (which i never did finish haha).

last night’s senatorial candidate-guests were dr. martin bautista of the Ang Kapatiran party, former senator Loren Legarda of the Genuine Opposition, and Congressman Prospero Pichay of Team Unity. the panelists were three also. The first one was a big guy whose name escapes me at the moment. the second one was tina monzon-palma, and the last was a dr. tan from the university of the philippines.

there were different rounds, two – i think, all of which consisted of the candidates answering questions given by the panelists.

here are my two cents on the following candidates’ answers:

prospero pichay: repetitive and redundant. now, he was speaking in english, and it appeared to me that he had difficulty getting his ideas across since he kept on repeating what he said. you know how celebrities sometimes ramble when they are asked a difficult question and end up saying nothing? well, pichay was able to say “something,” which was good, but he padded it up by saying the same thing again and again and again.

loren legarda: OMG. i hate her. however, don’t take that to mean that i can’t be objective about the candidates. let’s see… legarda was able to articulate her plans and what she did and answer the questions well. there were some instances wherein she just went around in circles like pichay, but she was okay. the problem i found with her is that she seemed to be copying dr. martin bautista answers and manner/pattern of saying it hahaha.

dr. martin bautista: this was my bet, but he disappointed me a couple of times. he was very articulate and seemed very passionate about the state our country is in, and his passion speaks worlds about what he plans for our country. the problem i found with him is that there were some times when he did not directly answer the panelists’ questions, which, to casual listeners, would sound stupid, to put it bluntly. i mean, i couldn’t take him babbling on about his experiences (which gave him a bit of credibility) so i had to change channels a couple of times haha. but yeah, he had ready answers and ready plans.

i LOVE tina monzon-palma hahaha! you could see on her face whenever she wasn’t satisfied with a candidate’s answer to her question hahaha 😀

i’m going to try watching this program. MWF midnight on ABS-CBN. =)


One thought on “Forum 2007

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