the end…

…of summer is nearing for me and a bunch of other people in school. by monday, we shall all be rising early and trooping on over to that school in katipunan to attend a very important seminar for a week. after that, it’s back to work in that school in san juan.

don’t you just love it?

ah yes, sarcasm. you don’t have to necessarily be sneering when you use it.

yesterday i went to that beloved bustling and searing hot place called katipunan to pick up and pay bills. unfortunately, i wasn’t able to finish all. i shall continue on monday.

i believe it was last wednesday after midnight when i caught another “episode” of Forum 2007 on ABS-CBN. like the last time i saw the show, they had dr. martin bautista and cong. prospero pichay as guests, with benigno aquino, jr. replacing loren legarda in the guest list. i don’t know who the panelists were, sorry.

their topic was all about cheaper medicines in the philippines. how do we go about providing such medicine to the people? are there alternatives? what about the “brain drain” that has been happening lately?

the person who was most knowledgeable about the topic was dr. bautista because he knew more than enough about medicines and about the “brain drain” as he himself was once a human resource “drained” from the philippines some time ago. coming back here, he wants to share his knowledge and experience and desire to help his countrymen by going into politics. i admit, put like that, it doesn’t seem to be noble since politics in this country has been known for the past 20-30 years to be unstable, smeared, dirty. however, his presence in the senate, if elected, would provide for much needed informed arguments in passing legislation. i don’t claim to be a politically-minded or even politically-informed person as i usually stay away from politics as much as possible, but from what i see in the senators and candidates and from what i know of their backgrounds, it appears that much of what they know about the legislation they push is based on research that they most likely had their assistants do for them. one reason i like about dr. bautista is that his personal experience gives him clout, credibility, and a certain authority to speak on relevant health matters. we all know his “expertise” is health, something ALL of us can relate to, and if he is elected, i don’t doubt that he will tackle this concern and provide solutions to some problems we have had for quite some time now.

because he has not been in the political scene for long, i find it amusing that without his knowing it, he already knows how to provide an answer to a question without really answering it. how like a politician. haha. on second thought, he DOES answer the question given him, but he sometimes does it in a roundabout way that leaves the listener thinking about his answer more than is necessary before being able to understand it. one example is when he was asked in a previous discussion about what to do about the brain drain that the country has been experiencing in order to turn it into a brain GAIN. he spoke about his experience for the most part of his speech, which leaves you thinking, SO WHAT ARE HIS PLANS? it was only in one sentence towards the end that he said that the government should make it easier/more attractive for filipinos abroad to come back and share their knowledge with the filipinos, and you had to have been paying close attention to have gotten that.

in contrast to dr. bautista’s roundabout answering style is prospero pichay’s, um, merry-go-round style. =) like i said in this post, pichay had a way of padding up his speech with basically the same statement said in about a hundred different ways. he used some vague statistics and expressions that betrayed his lack of conviction (i suppose, maybe, i guess, etc).

he was painful to look at (yes, i’m being personal on this one) and painful to listen to. i mean, how many times can you actually say that the philippines needs funding for research on medicine in a minute and a half with the same blank expression on your face? apparently, there’s a million ways you could do it.

now sadly, i have little to say about noynoy’s answers because i was too busy writing down what i thought of prospero pichay and dr. bautista, except that it appeared that he was heavily influenced by his mother, former president corazon aquino. whether this is good or bad is something i don’t really know. what i DO know and based on what i saw in that program, his experience in philippine politics because of his family background and personal experience seems to have made him the most relaxed of the three. is this an advantage? maybe. maybe not.

what all candidates seem to lack are these: brevity and conciseness.

so far, i’m going to be voting for the following:

francisco “kiko” pangilinan
dr. martin bautista

sila pa lang.

**transcriptions of the earlier Forum2007 discussions can be found on the abs-cbn website. i wish they’d put the videos there, too. i’d like to watch those episodes i missed.


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