infuriating incidents

1. being awakened by a lewd phone call at an ungodly hour during the weekend.

2. wendy on pbb.

3. pero and miha on slovene BB

4. maricris on pbb being crazy and accusatory and making a big fool of herself.

5. nel on pbb taking maricris’s side.

6. mickey on pbb not working his peacemaking magic.

7. narrow-minded fools

8. bea on pbb not being able to articulate herself well.

9. stoops na comments on various blogs and forums about the BB swap.

10. the idea that maricris won’t be the one to suffer the forced eviction BECAUSE IT COULD BE PAMELA (kasi ipamimigay nga sya diba?)

i think i want to join that “be a housemate for one week” promo just to tell maricris and wendy off for being such annoying pains in the *toot* and nel for being an absolute i*******.


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