zubiri under the microscope

i wanted to know more about zubiri because the only thing i knew about him was that he used to date vina morales and is now married to my sophomore table tennis (P.E.) classmate audrey tan. i googled for information and came up with these two:



regarding the interview, i am not completely sure if zubiri really did make those grammatical errors or it was an error in the transcription, but i was a bit turned off by those errors. then again, i kept reminding myself that this was an oral interview and oral interviews or any form of oral communication do not necessarily have to strictly follow grammar rules. nevertheless, his answers (at least for the first two pages, which were the only pages i had the patience to read) were “kilometric” as he himself said so, but also quite impressive. i know he would mention only the benefits for the people that his projects would bring and not any benefits HE might gain from his legislation, but the fact that he has a clear platform is more than i can say for the other candidates who have yet to come forth with one.

the bulatlat article really is something to reflect on. perhaps there can be a middle ground between ejecting the farmers out of their lands to expand land to grow resources needed for bio-fuel and providing this beneficial bio-fuel for the rest of the philippines. aside from that, i have little else to say about this issue. my mind is already mush at this hour.

//edit. oooh. i found another one on zubiri. things are not looking up for him. click here.

hm. maybe i’ll do pichay or noynoy or coseteng next. put them under the microscope, i mean.


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