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Dear Pinoys, regards from Slovenia … actually from Holland, where I study, but I am Slovenian. I have been watching a bit our SBB and your PBB via the web, we hosted Bruce and an incident happened with two remarks of Pero and Miha. Therefore I feel I would like to write you some words from my understanding those remarks.

I am grateful to God, Our Father, that we, Slovenians have been able to come in contact and learn about your culture. Bruce has done his job in excellent way. Remarks of Miha and Pero in NO way reflect the opinion of Slovenian people, neither their character. I guess it is already widely known by now that Bruce was in SBB more or less neglected, left alone, ignored. I am sorry for this and I feel to write some words on all these.

I regret he was sent to a house of a group of ignorant, young, local people, where … you could not expect any other result. These youngsters in the SBB are far away from being cosmopolitan and educated in anything else but their Slovenian environment. Many of them are ignorant and to great extent lack emotional intelligence. We can see that everyday through their arguments, gossiping, fighting, general behaviour,… To great many of us it is a shame and those who comment we have been more than furious how they treated Bruce. They didn’t speak English to him, not because they didn’t want to, they do – not – know English enough. I do not apologize them, just tell you the fact, and I believe they should know much better and more.

Comments of Pero and Miha. I don’t think they were rasist, no. These were the remarks of two young, local guys, who lack general knowledge, compassion toward others, and who are (due to all said before) not aware that sometimes some remarks might sound wrong or misundetrstood. They have this way showed the culture, the contents of their hearts and minds – shameful, short and close minded, ignorant, lack of education. This in no way came out of hate toward Bruce, because he is ‘brown’ or ‘black’ or maybe due to his different cultural observance. It sounds funny to me too that if a brown person would touch something white, that white would change to brown (or v.v. with colors). But! This is for small kids, who can afford themselves this kind of thinking and would not be misunderstood, but would be told that joking on others’ colors can be wrong and dangerous. At their age, Miha and Pero should know. Obviously they don’t – as I said, ignorance and lack of understanding others. They have uncovered only themselves and revealed their intelligence. You have to understand it that way, since many agree that Pero was in favor to Bruce, like him and spoke to him. Also Miha did. But as I said, lack of knowing English made them silent.

From these reasons I understood that jokes as ‘jokes’, not rasism. Of course I rang the bell and wrote a comment on the forum, like many others, that such remarks were not in place. From my opinion – not because Philipino people would hear them, simply because they have hurt me. If I would hear a kid saying that, I would explain him or her. But from such a grown up person … that was over the line. Joke or not joke, there are lines over which we do not go.

So, I hope I have helped to explain a bit the background of those remarks. I by no means apologize them and I believe they were terrbily wrong, but they did not come out of hate or rasism, but shameful ignorance and lack of common sense. For these reasons, we Slovenes, I believe we could be ashamed our youth behaves this way, without sense toward others.

The last point. I would say the clash of cultures and civilizations. I read on this forum some were asking if Philipino people pray at home too or just in PBB. To me that is stupid question, but again, asked out of ignorance. You have different cultural observance and we have our own, and until we know each other, we will be surprised again and again over each other. Don’t you think so? Bruce turned out in the eyes of Slovenian people as a noble young fellow at the utmost! Unfortunately we have ‘lost’ many of these noble values and our youngster in SBB are merely a product of modern times – times depleted of compassion, love and moral values. Unfortunately, materialism filled the hearts where there’s no more place for faith and prayers, material goods became object of worship, not God, Our Father any more. Economical circumstances have robbed our people of smile and true friendship, many have no job, more and more taxes are becoming higher and higher and many people collect material wealth and with it … isolation. Like it or not, this is becoming our sad reality day by day. And in such world, people have no or don’t know how to find a word of compassion for other – like Bruce can do so easily. He is coming from the world where materialism has no place in the hearts of people, since there is faith and love. I am not saying we do not posses love ‘in the west’, but our love and feelings have been robbed and became shallow. Bruce has brought us an unforgettable week, a reminder that by the end of the day we are all human beings, who all need love and a kind word, we are all hurtful, and we all cry, and no materials can replace a hug or word.

I am also endlessly thankful to Pinoy PBB and housmates for taking care for our Tina so selflessly and they have really brought us the Philipine culture in all its glamor and excellence. Also with help of Bruce, of course. I hope my message will be in some way forwarded to Bruce and I would also like to apologize to him for being so misunderstood in SBB, this felling badly and missing painfully his home. Believe me, there are good people in Slovenia out of SBB, sincere and warm.

God, Our Father Almighty bless my country and bless your country, keep these wonderful people in love and peace. My heartful regards to Pinoy and Slovenian members of the forum.

well said.

i was also initially outraged at the comments, but on second thought, i realized ignorance is a big problem not just of miha and pero but of everybody  in the world. the incident in the SBB house and the reaction of the slovenes tell us that while on one hand there exist ignorant people, there also exist people who DO care and are willing to help change the perceptions we have of each other. the punishment imposed on pero and miha is something that i hope will teach every single one of us that nothing good will come out of ignorance and that yes, ignorance is NOT bliss.

maricris is officially getting the forced eviction. today, during the studio23 live streaming of pbb, we learn that maricris will leave the house tomorrow, and that the housemates have been instructed to put away all sharp objects and poisonous substances. i was not able to start this episode, but could it be that maricris has suicidal tendencies?

more on bea later.


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