villar under the microscope

i wonder why i haven’t talked about villar yet, considering the fact that next to pichay, his campaign ads are the most aired.

let’s see… villar is said to be one of the top spenders when it came to campaigning. i don’t exactly know how much he spent in comparison to pichay, but i do know that among the current senators (he is running for re-election), villar was declared the richest after the assets were all tallied and computed. it makes you think, was this really born out of sipag at tiyaga?

i don’t have time to talk about villar in depth right now so i’ll leave these links here for future reference.

manny villar’s official website
podcast transcription: manny villar

//edit… i’m reading manny villar’s transcript and he’s managed to avoid giving a direct answer to the questions on the first page. gah. how disappointing. will read some more.


6 thoughts on “villar under the microscope

  1. Reeya, Villar owns Camella homes and Palmera Homes! Those are the two largest affordable housing providers in the country today. πŸ™‚ Siguro naman nakita mo na yung mga maraming subdivision na yun.

    He was poor before, but he invested in his business[es] and succeeded with the housing booms that the country experienced. Nobody contests that Villar was rich EVEN BEFORE he ran for Congress. πŸ™‚

    Actually, ikaw palang ang narinig kong mag-isip na nagnakaw sya sa bayan kaya sya yumaman. πŸ™‚ Ang isang criticism kay Villar, paluiubog na raw ang negosyo nya *DAW* kaya sya tumatakbo para protektahan ang interes nya.

    Sure you can link to my site. Link din kita. Thanks for visiting! πŸ˜›


  2. i think you need the following info para di kayo mag isip.
    he married a rich gurl named cynthia aguilar – daugther of a mayor in las pinas…
    naging employee din porke rich kid ang wife may pera para magnegosyo..
    nag tayo ng real estate business,
    pina takbo sa congress ng mga aguilar as congressman, at nanalo naman.
    lumago ang negosyo sa tulong ng pera ng mamamayang pilipino( ill tell you how later)..
    dahil nga reluctant politician yan, wala talagang prinsipyo or stand sa issues puro safe answers nya sa interviews diba.


  3. nagnakaw siya sa bayan, yes pero kumpara sa iba legal ang pagnanakaw nya.

    ginamit ang position sa pulitika para mang bribe ng govt officials para paboran sya at hindi sampahan ng kaso ng plunder.

    dahil walang nakakaalam kung paano siya nagnakaw, walng kaso diba.


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