loren legarda

okay, before somebody lambasts me again for giving my opinion, let me just clear this up by saying that i have a great bias AGAINST loren legarda. whatever you say, i’m gonna bloody hate, er, dislike that woman for as long as she’s in politics.

HOWEVER i will do something that might be misconstrued as liking her. what is this that i’m going to do? i’m gonna defend the effing woman.

here’s the thing. there’s this text message going around that she filed this bill to scrap the summer pay of teachers. i heard about this before and it fueled my “dislike” for her even more. the thing is this: the more i thought about it, the more i realized that it’d be political suicide on her part to do that. what would be her reason for cutting summer pay for teachers especially in the government-funded schools? to save money? well park that sheet ain’t that the most absurd thing you’ve ever heard?

i went online and found two news articles that address this issue. one seems to be a bit biased FOR loren (or maybe that’s just me) and the other is… more detailed. haha. wow, this has got to be my most informal entry to date.

click here and here to read the articles.

interesting, isn’t it? the text says that she’s anti-summer pay for teachers, which has earned the rage of teachers and their families everywhere, but here we have two articles telling us the opposite. now who in the world could be responsible for this smear campaign against her? there are two possibilities.

(conspiracy theory thinking mode ON)


obviously. somebody hates her so much that s/he is willing to put in so much effort to bring the woman down. i hate her, but i’m not that pathetic, please.


think about it. the more people receive that text, the more that people will hate her and therefore not vote for her, right? but what if those people think that this piece of information may be UNTRUE and actually do some research and find out that she did the OPPOSITE? that the bill she filed was for extra pay for the teachers? with this new information, these people are going to counter that smear campaign and might even possibly start defending her by clarifying the issue. with all the tools we have today for communication, it’ll be just as easy to defend her as to smear her reputation. WHO would defend her? why the honest and caring people of course. (ahem. hehe)

this whole smear campaign, if indeed perpetuated by her own camp, will trigger a chain reaction that can actually put her in a positive light once people discover the truth. now ain’t that grand?

of course, both of these theories remain theories. they are NOT TRUE.

yes, i hate her (for reasons i’m going to keep to myself). you already know that. but like i said in a previous post, that doesn’t mean that i’m not going to try to be objective.

so now that you know that her “no-summer-pay-for-teachers” bill actually proposes the opposite, what will you do? the ball’s in your court, dear reader.

(this is my worst entry. my english teachers will kill me if they read this)


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