philippine elections

tomorrow is elections day. no classes, no work. our future is in our own hands. i can only pray that the people are critical in choosing their candidates and are very wary about the cheating that i’m pretty sure will happen.

i have yet to finalize my list of people i’m going to vote. so far, i’ve decided on the following:

  1. dr. martin bautista
  2. francis pangilinan
  3. manny villar
  4. juan miguel zubiri
  5. benigno aquino III
  6. antonio trillanes IV

that’s about it. i love trillanes; i’m reading his podcast interview transcript and he has very concrete plans and he seems to know how to make those plans a reality.

another helpful website that gives information about the candidates:

as for the partylist, i’m voting for:

Advocacy for Teacher Empowerment through Action, Cooperation and Harmony towards Educational Reforms, Inc. A TEACHER

i received a text message about elections.

When an apple is green, it’s ready to be plucked. When a girl is eighteen, she is ready to…


your dirty mind; election is near. Vote wisely!

Go go go!


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