of politics in the country and inside PBB

  1. martin bautista
  2. zosimo paredes
  3. adrian sison
  4. benigno aquino jr
  5. juan miguel zubiri
  6. francis pangilinan
  7. joker arroyo
  8. sonia roco
  9. manny villar
  10. antonio trillanes IV*
  11. ralph recto*
  12. pimentel (yuck)*

annoying but funny story about my mom…

she had about 10 candidates on her sample ballot and needed two more because she didn’t want to leave any blanks in case of cheating. she heard some good stuff about kiram, which personally weren’t good enough for me, so she put his name on the 11th slot. she had a hard time thinking of who to put in the 12th slot. guess who she put in.




richard effing gomez.


hehehe. she was laughing so hard when she told us that. she said she couldn’t think of anybody else so… yeah. goma got one from my mom. ah well, if richard’s heart is in the right place and he wins and actually does some good, then my mom’s vote may not have been put to waste. *crosses fingers he doesn’t win*

pretty much everybody in my family has the same top 9. my brother hates trillanes so i don’t know whose name he put in.

forgive me. i voted for recto and pimentel for the simple reason that i couldn’t think of anybody else. i didn’t want to leave a blank because i was afraid of cheating. you know, the people who were counting would see a blank then rattle off THEIR candidate’s name. i don’t really know if that’ll work if you draw a line across the blank or write “nothing follows” just so you could say there wasn’t a blank in your ballot. eek.

truth be told, i was really unprepared for the local candidates part. i knew only a handful of candidates because a) not many campaigned in our area and b) i didn’t really give that much crap. sad, but true. i only knew who to vote for mayor and governor, but other than that, i was ready to walk out of that precinct without writing down any other name but as you may remember, i was afraid of cheating. there were some celebrities who ran in our area and since i don’t believe in celebrities delving into politics, i voted for the ones who ran against those celebrities, never mind that i knew nothing about them.

so there. my right pointer finger’s still stained with indelible ink, although i’m lucky because the guy who was applying said ink seemed to have only one bottle and was saving it to last the entire day.


on another note, i spent about 4 hours trying to watch episode21 of HEROES online but to no avail. the stream took forever to load for reasons i can’t understand. i didn’t have a problem the last time i watched so i was very frustrated that i couldn’t finish it, but i didn’t really mind in the end because somebody wrote about it and gave away a few spoilers, which, for once, i am thankful for because i didn’t think i could handle the suspense, lol.

as today is a weekday, i also checked studio23 around lunch time to see if they bumped the PBB live stream in favor of election coverage. i was right; they had Halalan 2007 in place of the live stream. i would’ve loved to see how the four Balik-bahay housemates were getting on. i swear, they’re pulling out all the stops to keep wendy in that house and give her more exposure. SICKENING.

i’m also kind of disappointed that lolo max considers it good news that wendy’s back. he finds her funny. hm. oh well. to each his own. we DO agree on one thing: at the end of the week, kian’s gonna end up staying inside the house. the question is who is the other housemate who will also stay.


2 thoughts on “of politics in the country and inside PBB

  1. the —— and xxxxxx are the recommended strategies. But you may do anything as long as you don’t morbidly deface the ballot. hehe

    Why don’t you download the Episodes via torrents instead? 🙂


  2. i don’t download via torrents because i don’t know how to do that. lol. my dad knows how to, but i don’t bug him much over it because he’s busy with something else (e.g. HOUSE hehehe)


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