reality bites

there’s nothing like a shrill alarm going off in your ear to remind you that no, john cusack will never propose to you because it’s time to face the real world.

last tuesday, i woke up at the crack of dawn because i’d be coming from the southern region of luzon to go to work somewhere up north. luckily for me, the commute was easy, and there was very light traffic.  i got to work a good 30 minutes ahead of the required time.

announcements were made before we broke off into our units to continue our work. re-typing previous work isn’t exactly the most exciting thing in the world, but there’s some satisfaction in knowing that you’re accomplishing something.

yesterday was a day off because of this seminar we attended last april. i thought about going to work because i needed to use a computer to re-type some files. i have no computer as of now, because the old one’s being, uh, “upgraded” or something like that. i ended up doing errands: paying bills and shopping for birthday gifts. i spent nearly two hours in Fully Booked trying to find the perfect book to give. i toted around four books around the store before finally sitting down (literally on the floor) to review my choices. hopefully it was a good choice.

i haven’t been paying much attention to the national election results, but from what i hear from other people, the genuine (i initially typed “general” hehe) opposition was leading until votes from marinduque and other “failure to elect(?)” areas came in and showed a landslide win by the team unity candidates. 12-0. i don’t know about you, but it screams cheating to me.

remember that whole shebang about this military officer coming forth to say that they were ORDERED to vote STRAIGHT team unity in the elections? i wonder what happened to that issue. i wonder what happened to that officer. i remember watching his interview with that guy who hosts the Forum2007 show. his face was only partially hidden by a plant. come oooon. couldn’t they have camouflaged him more? with the way they censored his face, i don’t doubt that his superiors, or at least ONE colleague, would recognize him. if the did, i wonder what consequences he faced for doing that. it takes either a lot of courage or foolhardiness for one to do that.

well. what do i know, right? i’m here mainly to ask questions. about politics, anyway. i’ll try my best to reserve judgment for later.

this reminds me of something. remember the Axe tagline, “because first impressions last?” while i whole-heartedly agree with this, i also think that one should never pigeon-hole somebody according to the first impression they made because they turn out to be completely different from what you initially perceive. take this new girl at work. everybody thought she was this bitchy, sosy, trying-hard conyo who’d be difficult to work with, but when we actually got to spend time with her, she was pretty easy to get along with. the twang was there, of course; we just had to get used to it.

personally i have no problem with the “twang,” if that indeed is what people are reacting to. then again maybe they’re just not used to it. in any case, she reminds me of some of my blockmates from college. conyo, yes, but i miss them, now that i think about it.

please let MARTIN BAUTISTA win! and SONIA ROCO!


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