sweltering heat

the fan’s blowing full force in my face and i don’t feel any cooler. i’m not sweating, but that’s about it.

rot in hell all you evil politicians you!

i’ve wanted to say that for the longest time.

i thought church was supposed to be separate from the state; why is this priest getting involved?  so techinically he’s “on leave,” but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s a priest and that he represents the church, which is supposed to keep its distance from politics (except maybe to call for prayer rallies or some other sort).

i acknowledge the fact that he has the people’s best interests at heart, but somehow this just doesn’t sound right.  i wonder how he’s going to be able defend any bills or laws or decisions he makes. “because the Lord said so!” *sigh* of course i know better than that. i’m just being a prick.

i’m beginning to regret not paying attention to my teachers in theology classes back in college. i vaguely remember this being mentioned and/or discussed. or maybe it was my political science teacher who mentioned this? i forget.

research research research. it pays to make informed opinions, you know. 🙂


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