bad tummy

“just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down”

it’s the third day of my being sick. this doesn’t bode well for the schoolyear for me. ick.

anyway, as i am well enough to write an entry, you can assume that i’m well on my way to recovery. my fever’s gone, my headache’s gone, my swollen lymph nodes that became so painful we all thought i had beke is slowly returning to normal, but my tummy’s not all well yet. it’s getting there, thankfully.

i decided not to go to the doctor anymore when i woke up this morning without the headache, realized the beke-like pain had subsided, and with the feeling that i could eat a decent meal without feeling the urge to puke. unfortunately though, breakfast consisted of homemade burger steak, the one homemade meal my cousin makes that i absolutely despise. so again i settled for pandesal, which i’ve grown tired eating, so i only finished one. i washed it down with sprite mixed with sugar to combat the acidity in my stomach because it’s been mostly empty.

i started drinking the sprite mixture last night. for a few minutes my stomach would feel weird, but then it’d be alright. hopefully i can eat a full meal by lunch today.

wish me luck


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