gay bomb?

taken from one of my biggest fans, kevin. lol.

read it here.

obviously, bush and the pentagon were/are not really familiar with the gay community.

from what i know, which isn’t extensive so don’t sue me, gays may like sex, as claimed by the pentagon, but they’re also very much scary fighters.

imagine if such a weapon were to be used on the country’s insurgents. those people – honasan, trillanes, muslim rebels? – would not bother with such indirect ways of showing their frustration at the head of the country; they’d head straight to malacañang and bitchslap PGMA all the way to heaven/hell.

odiba? sabunutan at sampalan to the max ito! syempre hindi magpapatalo si PGMA noh. she’s as tenacious as wendy from PBB and project runway.

yuck ngayon ko lang na-realize na same name pala yung dalawang bruhang yon.


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