Beatriz Saw: PBB Big Winner

camping out on the couch waiting for the PBB Big Winner to finally be announced so that you can go back to YOUR own bed where your family parked themselves to watch tv is, simply put, not good.

i finally was able to go sleep on my own bed after midnight (around 1am?) a good solid hour or two after i opened the door to the Sandman. *sigh*

friends would text me about the show as the “winners” were announced. Gee-ann placed lower than wendy? tsk tsk. i can only imagine the rage of gee-ann fans when her name was announced before wendy’s.

i have mixed reactions regarding the winners. i don’t know. ideally, wendy would never have been in the big 4, but i’m no ABS big shot so i’ve got no say in that arena. since she got in, i wanted her to place last, but, again, i had my doubts about that. i just didn’t expect it to be gee-ann that wendy would beat. on second thought, i bet the big shots decided that such a win would be a big “in-your-face” message to the gee-ann supporters who, i suppose, had spoken ill about everybody’s favorite kontrabida.

juliana palermo herself wrote about wendy in her column today in the philippine star. she said that wendy stayed true and does not try to change for others. there’s a measure of truth in that statement, i suppose, as we all saw that wendy refused to mingle with the two remaining female housemates after their squabble.

wendy is wendy, no doubt about it. i do not like her and have little respect for her. whether or not she was being true is debatable. all i know is this: for a show that tries to bring unity among varied peoples (hello slovenia), it does little to try unite members of just ONE community. there is a big discrepancy in the values that the show tries to present.

another debatable issue: where do you draw the line between being real and being a bitch?

wendy will talk later on the buzz. let’s see how she’ll react to what the people have been saying about her.


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