Nancy Drew (2007)

nancy drew moviePurists will never be happy with movie adaptations of their favorite book, cartoon, or graphic novel. They look for the exact movie interpretations of their favorites, which leads them to feeling complete anger and agony at the sacrilege done to their beloved.

I bet the Transformers fans felt that way. Now, it’s my turn to feel extremely disappointed and angry at the movie adaptation of my favorite juvenile book series, Nancy Drew. (and my only basis is the trailer!)

My first beef with this movie is casting. EMMA ROBERTS?! EMMA ROBERTS?!?! She’s not even 18! Nancy Drew, teenage detective extraordinaire, is 18 years old. How old is Emma Roberts? 16, ladies and gents. She is a mere 16 years old. I can understand older actors playing younger roles, but to have a young actress play an older role? That is a feat best left to the professionals, and paid, though, as she is, Emma Roberts does not have the skills yet to do that. Her portrayal of my favorite character is the same way she portrays her Unfabulous character in that Nick series. bleurgh.

Oh wait. Research tells me that the Nancy Drew in the movie is… guess how old… 16 YEARS OLD. Oh kill me now!

Don’t get me wrong; I love Emma Roberts in all her Unfabulous-ness. But again, she is definitely NO NANCY DREW.

Another beef of mine with this movie is how they portrayed Nancy Drew. Sure, Nancy’s a big achiever, but she’s no geek, for crying out loud. She seems lost and clueless; I suppose the movie tagline “Get a clue” is more for her than for the audience.

Only Ned Nickerson is present, and no George and Bess, her two super reliable best friends. All we see are these two punk-ish popular girls and this little smitten boy who follows her around as her new sidekicks. Puh-lease. They do not even come close to how cool Nancy’s besties are.

And I’m sorry, but to get Tate Donovan as THE Carson Drew is a big mistake. He already looked like a wimp in The OC, I can only imagine the horrors of what he’s done to that esteemed lawyer-dad of Nancy’s. *sigh*


This link leads to the best review I’ve read about the movie. All I can say is: MY SENTIMENTS EXACTLY.

click here to read

i’m going to wait for the DVD. i’m not watching it on the big screen


3 thoughts on “Nancy Drew (2007)

  1. The whole Transformer movie is light hearted flavor, but when it is a fight scene, they really give a nice blow-by-blow Transformer fights. Though, there are some funny moments with Shia in the movie and I love it like that.

    That’s it! I want to watch it over and over again.


  2. totally in agreement with you. Tate Donovan sucks in the role of THE Carson Drew!!! The guy who plays Sandy in OC would have been a much better choice!
    By the way, Iam from India so I dont think its going to release here at all or probably will release much later!


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