harry potter anyone?

today i woke up to find that my brother had not yet left for UP. he was supposed to leave early in order to get the last installment of the Harry Potter series. i woke him up then went back to sleep. about an hour later, he came back and with a big grin showed me the big bad seventh book.

guess what.

i went back to sleep. lol.

i got up (and i mean REALLY got up) about 20 minutes later to get ready to go to ateneo. when i got back from that nostalgic trip to my old campus, i ate an early lunch then left with my brother for our “real home” down south. on the bus, while waiting for other passengers, my brother continued reading the 7th book. i also started to read over his shoulder.

guess what.

i was hooked. lol.

i even stole the book away from him when he started chatting with the girl who sat in the seat across the aisle. it was his classmate/schoolmate/somebody. i didn’t care, really, because i was reading the book haha.

i finished the first chapter then reluctantly handed the book back.

i hope my brother finishes that book quickly. hahaha


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