album plug

Fritz Fredrix’s album, I Never Cry, is out now in the market. The album is a mix of soulful ballads, upbeat and catchy songs, and some good old fashioned OPM rock.




PLEASE. (just in case you say i’m being mean. lol)

promise. it’s a good album. it’s no fall out boy. it’s more………….. chris daughtry-ish? with a mix of MYMP (eh duh, fritz was the former vocalist of mymp! you didn’t know that, did you? haha). my music review leaves much to be desired, i know, but again, GO BUY NOW so you can find out how good it is. hokay? good.

so buy, buy, buy! i’d upload the songs, but i wouldn’t be supporting him, now would i?

and i’m in the acknowledgements hahahaha! that’s about my only claim to fame aside from my grade6 david celdran experience and table tennis match with audrey tan hahaha!


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