“tensyon sa makati”

what in this danged world was trillanes thinking?!

getting the entire metro manila in trouble just because he wants PGMA to step down?! i’m guessing more than half of this country want her gone, but he bloody hell does NOT need to put everybody else in danger for this.

trillanes’s move to walk out of the makati rtc and “camp out” at the manila peninsula is a terrible idea. i don’t care how well they planned it, they still got everybody into trouble. the rest of the philippines is enjoying relative peace and then he goes and ruins it for everybody. some of our boys were on a field trip that got cut short because of the stunt he pulled. we end up with a curfew that is completely not necessary since trillanes has already surrendered. we were supposed to go to divisoria for some early christmas shopping but our parents stopped us for fear that rallies might ensue and there be chaos.

i think that if trillanes really wanted PGMA down, he should have been more patient. he’s made his concerns known; he’s earned the trust of the people. if he had gone through with the trials, the people would’ve seen that he was a man of honor and was worthy of support.

but shit i just realized that anybody who endangers innocent people cannot be trusted.

i was thinking that he wouldn’t really hurt people because he just wants the system to change for the better, but even if he himself would not willingly hurt people, his actions still put others in danger.

take that manila pen takeover, for example. the patrons were forced to evacuate (thankfully, to prevent any harm) , but the entrance of that tank into the hotel and the use of tear gas certainly does not spell safety.

he’s endangered innocent people once already; who’s to say he won’t do it again? well, we now know for sure that he was thinking of his own personal goals and desires by doing what he did.

by doing this, he is opening the possibility for PGMA to tighten her hold on the country. she has already established herself as a tough person to remove from position, and it is highly unlikely that she will give in to their demands. we are already feeling the effects of this tighter hold: the curfew, the confiscation of news videos and arrest of media people, etc. people have already been wondering if this is a precursor to an impending martial law declaration. and truth be told, if, for some reason, PGMA does declare martial law, trillanes (and the rest of the country) has no one to blame but him.

stupid ass.

i voted for you pa naman because i thought you really could do something about this seemingly forsaken country. but you go and do this and get everybody panicking. i’ve never had regrets in my life, but now i deeply, truly regret voting for you.

keep this up and you’ll ruin christmas for everybody. and THEN people will hate you even more.


3 thoughts on ““tensyon sa makati”

  1. it simply shows what he fight for is not for the good of all pinoy but he fight for personal interest. he don’t even think the consequences may affect civilians. he don’t even think that the nation also suffer in natural calamity and many calamity victims needs more attention from the authority. wrong move at wrong time. he is obsessed in becoming a hero. masyado na siang epal pano kse wala na siang lusot sa kaso nya. kahit anu pa gagawin nya, the case is still him versus people of the republic of the philippines. buti na lang d ako bumoto sa kanya.


  2. damn that poor little dog trillanes! he did it for the benefit of his personal issues and not for our country.. indeed he had guts but a wise person knows patience and finess strategy when it comes to stuffs like that.. you don’t go all-out immediately when you know that the people around you are not easy people..this country might be full of dumb people but u can never tell how far they go when it comes to issues like this.. the Dog could have been more wise in provoking his supporters to stay wth him if he wanted to bring PGMA down..however, he only made a jerk in his self all along.. in short, He really is a FOOL and a dummy as well!


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