oh what a christmas!

well, not really. i’ve been sniffling and sneezing since christmas eve, but otherwise, christmas has been pretty okay.


the one thing that excites me is the news that incubus is coming back this march 9, 2008 for a concert at the araneta coliseum. tickets are not yet available, but i’ll be a madwoman for sure if i don’t get patron seats. i was in row…20 something? the last time they were here and that was already a good distance away. i’m not settling for anything less than patron seats.


how to save up? hm. no food (that’s why i’m stocking up on fat this christmas hahaha). no cabs (okaaaay. this one i might have a hard time doing) . no frivolous spending (check. i still have leftover gift checks for this).


omg. i need to sell those extra tshirts asap if i’m getting those patron seats.


in other news, i want these:


these are just LOVE.


the other string quartet tributes are equally beautiful, but of course, incubus comes first. 😀


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