PBB celeb2 voting glitch

toni said it herself last night: “voting is now officially over.”


guess what. it isn’t.


a friend texted me earlier today and said that he could still vote. WHY he still voted even though it was announced already that it was over is beyond me. point is, he said he could still vote. being the curious little monger i was, i texted in another vote for my bet, ruben gonzaga a few hours ago, and guess what, my vote was still counted. i made sure that my “save sent messages” setting was turned on before texting so that i had proof of my vote. i also saved the confirmation message from 2331.


now, given these things, what could we possibly conclude? i must honestly say that i was not happy with the way the results turned out last night. gaby, my second bet, had tons of supporters and to be eclipsed by riza was a disappointment as well. this leaves me to question how accurate the results were. i know some people have speculated that the results were fixed already and that the votes were just for show. i’d like to believe the same thing, but… *shrug* i don’t know what to believe.


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