mike einzigerIncubus Light Grenades Pacific Rim Tour

9 March 2008

Araneta Coliseum, Manila, Philippines


If there is anything to be learned from concerts, I learned this from the recent Incubus one: that no matter how frustrating situations may turn out to be, they always lead to something fruitful.

For three months I waited patiently as did other avid fans for the day that Incubus would once more step on our shores and deliver such a stellar concert. Truth be told, I was so busy with work that I felt time sped by. The only time I felt time slow down to a crawl was when I was so stressed with work that I used the concert to motivate myself to continue working and not slack off (as if I haven’t slacked off enough *sigh*).

Certain events happened that seriously caused me to think about whether or not I should sell my tickets and not go to the concert. In the end, though, I ended up keeping my ticket and going to the concert.

Because I had such a blast in the band’s first concert here at the CCP Grounds last 2004, I was expecting the same mind-blowing performances with an equally, if not over-the-top, enthusiastic audience. The fact that this concert had an opening act already triggered warning bells in my head about the concert. True, Up Dharma Down is a good band, but I stopped following them or even listening to their music when I realized I couldn’t understand a single word that Armi, the vocalist, was singing even if I tried. Hence, I did not fully appreciate this particular choice for an opening act.

Almost an hour passed before the concert officially began. Brandon, Mike, Jose, Kilmore and Ben kicked it off with the powerful “A Kiss to Send Us Off” and followed it up with two of their more popular hits, “Nice to Know You” and “Wish You Were Here.” The songs that followed were a motley of old and new songs, which were appreciated greatly by the older fans who sung along to every single song that the band played – even “Vitamin.”

I took note of their setlist (if there’s a correction, comment and i’ll change):

  1. Quicksand
  2. A Kiss to Send Us Off (light grenades)
  3. Nice to Know You (morning view)
  4. Wish You Were Here* (morning view)
  5. Anna Molly (light grenades)
  6. Vitamin (science)
  7. Favorite Things (science)
  8. *brandon takes his shirt off; sando underneath* lol
  9. The Warmth (make yourself)
  10. Drive (make yourself)
  11. Oil and Water (light grenades)
  12. Pistola* (crow)
  13. Talk Shows on Mute (crow)
  14. *sando off!*
  15. Sick Sad Little World with percussion exhibition-idon’tknowwhatit’scalled (crow)
  16. Megalomaniac* (crow)
  17. Stellar (make yourself)
  18. Circles* (morning view)
  19. Aqueous Transmission (morning view)

17 songs all in all. If you want to tell me off now because the count says 19, then look again. Two of those listed are not songs. The songs with asterisks are the ones we didn’t take a video of.

Anyway, yes, I was disappointed, to say the least. There was less interaction with the audience, Brandon didn’t play the guitar for long and they didn’t play “A Certain Shade of Green,” “Pardon Me,” and “Rogues.” I realized, though, that despite the shorter performance, I still had a blast. I suppose you could say that it was so memorable because I even dreamt about it when I slept that night. =)

Actually, there was something else that made the concert more memorable, but I’m not spilling it here. =) This something else was what I was referring to at the start of this entry.


pic of mike courtesy of wakks. thanks!


3 thoughts on “Stellar

  1. Good to hear you had a blast in the Incu gig – and true that UdD is a good band – so good that some people can’t swim with their music. You might have to watch them in an intimate venue like SaGuijo and you might understand what Armi is singing about.. 🙂


  2. hey! i went to an incubus gig last month and i have to say i was a tad disappointed myself… still i think you were so lucky they played aqueous transmission! love that song 🙂


  3. Ed, even their cd versions are difficult to understand. but that doesn’t mean i hate them. i think they’re good.

    belle, yep, hearing them play aqueous transmission was one of the few highlights of the concert. 😀


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