Jumper movie

poster taken from the International Movie Posters Awards.


Whoever made the trailer for this movie should be shot.

The trailer promised heart-stopping action, but the movie failed to even make my heart beat faster. Aside from that, there were too many things left unexplained. How in the world did they get these special abilities? Where did these “paladins” come from? I understand that there is such a thing as open-endedness and vagueness, but done incorrectly, the audience will just be left yawning and scratching their heads off, like what happened in this movie.

The other thing that irks me is how utterly convenient it was for the main character’s mother to be there to save him. Hello deus ex machina (plot device used to resolve a hopeless situation to the uninformed). Even the irony of how a paladin bears a jumper for a son is not resolutely addressed. There are simply too many things left hanging loose.

*sigh* Samuel L. Jackson’s and Diane Lane’s talents were WASTED on this piece of folly.


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