2008 movies

movie posters taken from the International Movie Posters Awards website.
speed racer cartoon picture taken from a website i found on google. i forgot. sorry.
speed racer cartoon
sneak preview. click to read more.

the hottie and the nottie

okay. i’ve seen the posters around and i’m curious. is this a “the prince and the pauper” type of movie, or is this an “i-made-her-over-and-now-she’s-a-monster” type of movie? but i’m not paying to watch it on the big screen. i’ll rent the video, thank you very much.


the accidental husband

ANY movie with colin firth in it is worth watching (even Hope Springs. eh)


flashbacks of a fool

Mr. James Bond’s new movie. hm. you can already tell this will have a lot to do with this man’s past.


get smart

this is just wrong on so many levels, but i love hathaway’s nail polish. hahaha.


never back down

i saw the trailer, and i wasn’t too impressed. the antagonist looks like the bad guy in one of the episodes of “psych.”


nim's island

i love the cast of this movie, but i’m not really all for swash-buckling plots (unless johnny depp’s in it) or ones involving the open sea or ocean.


what happens in vegas

when i saw the thumbnail of this poster, i thought it was a sequel to “just married.” hm. wonder what happens in vegas. they get hitched?


lars and the real girl

ryan gosling. interesting. and is that a coffin? this movie poster reveals so much and so little at the same time; i love it.

//edit. it’s not a coffin. hehe


street kings

hahahaha! keanu looks like an effin pinoy low budget action star! he actually looks like a cross between raymart santiago, ricardo cepeda and ace vergel here.


teeth teeth2

so. is this movie a comedy or a thriller?


i'm a cyborg

the last korean movie i watched was “My Sassy Girl,” which was a great movie. i wonder what this one will be all about.


and last but not the least, for all the anime fans out there, this one’s for you.

speed racer speed racer2 speed racer3

i wasn’t a big fan of the old series, but it’ll be interesting to see how they’ve adapted this one. emile hirsh’s character poster seems the most “retro” while matthew fox’s seems to be the most modern with a “fast and the furious” theme going on. it took me a while to realize that trixie’s played by christina ricci. haha.



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