Blue Lagoon, Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte

It was nature at its best.


The Blue Lagoon beach in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte is an unspoilt natural treasure. The clear blue waters and the white sand beach littered only by washed up seaweed by the high tide made for a view to die for. Beautiful sunsets are absent from this seemingly perfect place because the sun sets behind the mountains that border the beach. The sunrise, however, is more than enough to make up for that. A warning, though. There have been some complaints about jellyfish in the area when the weather turns funky (like it did on our second to the last day there). And by funky I mean windy, cloudy, cold. On the hotter days we were there the waters were clear and safe.


The surroundings were clean and almost completely devoid of trash (I spotted a piece of wrapper in the sea tsk tsk) because the locals do not allow the tourists to bring food with them to the beach. If you want to eat, you go to the huts away from the beach and make sure you gather your trash and throw them away before leaving the place.


Other websites have advised one to bring camping gear if one decides to stay the night in this beach as opposed to its more popular counterpart, Saud beach. However, the locals were catching on to the idea of their beach becoming a tourist attraction that they have opened their houses for rent. Be careful, though. Some houses are not what you would expect. If you were “coboy (cowboy)” then you’d survive those small aircon-less houses, but being the true city people that we are, we opted to stay in an airconditioned one. =))


We stayed at this cozy little home-stay/resort called Agua Seda owned by a local retired teacher. If I recall correctly, it was recently accredited by the DOT so you know it’s a good place to stay in.


It had three rooms available for renting, all of which had airconditioning units. Two of those rooms could hold 2 people comfortably (4 if you were on a budget and didn’t mind sleeping on the floor) and the bigger room, which was a separate unit inside the property, could hold 4-5 people comfortably (8 if you’re tight on the budget). The place had a rather large garden with huts you could hang out in while waiting for the high noon sun to go down and a spacious porch with tables on which to play cards, eat food or do whatever (even watch DVD’s if you had a portable DVD player with you).


The owner offered paluto services (they buy food for you and cook it – just tell them what you want to eat), which you have to pay for on top of the accommodations fee. We didn’t really mind paying the extra charge because the food was DELICIOUS. If you’re craving for some softdrinks and some beer, you can buy from them, too. There is a small sari-sari store right beside the property if you need to buy anything that the owner doesn’t stock. The downside to this place is that there are some insects that come out at night. As far as I know, there are no or little mosquitoes in the area, but bring some Off lotion just in case.


There’s a bigger resort beside Agua Seda, but it had higher rates, and I’m guessing the view isn’t as spectacular as the one from our porch (see right, don’t mind the chair haha).


There were a lot of us in our party so we managed to save on food by bringing our own bread, snacks, water and canned goods to be cooked for breakfast. You can have the caretaker cook for you or you can do it yourself (you just pay for the gas). We just paid for our lunch and dinner.


If you’re wondering how we managed to get to the place, here it is: you have to make the arrangements even before leaving Manila. From Manila, we took the super deluxe Maria de Leon bus (the station is behind UST). Reservations are a must, by the way. It had three seats per row (as opposed to the five seats per row in a commuter bus) and a toilet. It cost P750 and took about 10 hours. We had arranged to have a van take us from Laoag to Pagudpud. Costs more than riding a bus and a tricycle to get to the beach, but it’s easier and more convenient (we didn’t get lost), considering the food and water we had to lug with us.


Blue Lagoon truly is a secluded place. It had no night life at all, so if you’re a party person, head on over to Saud because that one’s been touted the Boracay of the north. Anyway, I actually liked the privacy that this side offered. No tv, no internet, no cell phone signals (at the beach. There were Smart/Globe signals at the resorts) or land line (I think. I’m not sure if Ma’am had a phone we could use in her room). For three days my friends and I enjoyed each other’s company and bonded like we never did before.


It really was a wonderful vacation. Sun bathing, swimming and even island-hopping when the sun was up, then bonding over cards and alcohol at night. Perfect! =)


For reservations at Agua Seda, contact: 09202431832 / 09204252709.


One thought on “Blue Lagoon, Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte

  1. Great job of putting this website. Punta Azul Beach Resort is now open for business. This compound composed of 3 separate building built initially as a rest house but the owners decided to rent it out. The facilities got American flavor. Each room has its own bathroom and/or bathtub. Rooms are fully air conditioned including the kitchen and living room. You will have the feeling of a HOME while on vacation. You will see the huge difference.


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