random musings

i have work on my mind and it is distracting me from enjoying what’s left of my vacation. *sigh* just when you think everything you left behind before going off for summer vacation is OKAY, in comes a text message telling you otherwise. tsk tsk.


if you’re an american idol addict, don’t read any further because there are spoilers.


well. carly got the boot. that one was unexpected, on my part, at least. i’m beginning to think that Irish Eyes doesn’t really appeal to the American market.


still, it’s sad to have her go after such a strong performance. okay, i’m pretty biased in a bit. the song she sang has sentimental value for me and after watching her NOT butcher the song, i didn’t want her to leave.


ah well. idol keeps the viewers surprised.


as with PBB teen edition, but i’m not updated with that. maybe with the evictions. all i know is that jieriel (sp?) and linda are out, although the circumstances of their eviction remain quite unknown to me. as for the tension between josef’s aunt and kevin’s dad… TIRING. they are adults, for crying out loud. jeez.


useless to waste time and energy thinking about their petty squabbles, ey?


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