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I’ve been getting hits here lately because of Fritz Fredrix, artist behind the latest cover of “I Never Cry,” which is currently making the rounds in local radio stations.


I figured I might help the populace out by providing some information, but truth be told, I don’t know much about the guy except that his birthday is in August and that he’s taken already by the lovely… I don’t think she’d appreciate it if I put her name here without permission.


What else do I know? hm.


Fritz started out with MYMP as the lead vocalist? (that’s as far back as I remember), then with Keystone, then with Jive Turkey (same band, different name) until he branched out into solo-dom. His band/s have been on the jam 88.3’s 2nd compilation christmas album with the track “Krismas sa Pinas” (i helped compose this one!!! *shameless, i know*) and on the soundtrack album for… oh wait. i found something that can do the talking for me:


We were originally just a duo (Kharim and Fritz) but then decided that we rocked so much better with a drummer and bassist around thus bringing in Dhim and Gredy.

1. Nescafe de-wired album ( “Such a fool”,an original and “Come together”, a cover by the Beatles. Our first major venture was being one of the finalist in the Nescafe de-wired band competition, Oct 2004
2. Jam 88.3’s “Not Another Christmas Album 2”, Dec 2005.( “Krismas sa Pinas”, an original x-mas song)
3. Kutob, the movie soundtrack ( “Yakap”, a Keystone original)

We’ve also been featured on radio such as JAM 88.3’s Jammer’s Hour as well as their Christmas Special. We’ve also appeared on TV shows such as Txtube and Maynila, both on GMA 7, Jojo..All the way on RJTV & recently Breakfast on Studio 23 (Jan 24,2006)

We’ve played in venues such as Kados, Off the Grill, Yakitori Dori, Suburbia, Atchie’s, Oj’s, Dencio’s, Pipers, BG’s Pasay Road, Fiesta Casino, 19 East and Virgin Cafe.

We’ve also had special shows such as being the front act for MYMP in Chinese General Hospital College, Pamantasan ng Makati and Miriam College. Other special shows of ours include Toby’s (the sports shop) Chistmas Party in Jade Valley, a fund raising concert in PLM, a special function for SPI (paranaque), the opening of Oyster Boy restaurant in Cubao, JAM 88.3’s FIRST JAM MUSICFEST held at The Fort Plaza, the Philippine Daily Inquirer’s 20th anniversary at the Glorietta activity center and Nescafe’s Soundskool band competition held at Rockwell, and the 2005 San Miguel Beer Oktoberfest held in Eastwood, libis.

taken from here.


That’s his old band. Now Fritz is flying solo.


here’s a clip from his first single off his latest album.

disclaimers first, though: i was not paid to do this. the song is by Fritz Fredrix. go get his CD under Galaxy Records. 2007 Philippine Copyright by Galaxy Records. this is a clip of the song only. if you want to hear the rest, go buy his album “I Never Cry.” hokey?

*don’t sue me*

click here to download the clip


I’ve seen him perform with his band and they ROCK! I’ve met him and hung out with him a few times already and I can tell you all that he’s a very level-headed and down-to-earth guy. Go go go buy his album!


One thought on “more fritz fredrix

  1. yup i have to agree he used to be the lead singer/guitarist of MYMP from days of yore. actually MYMP used to be fritz, mark, jackson & chin. only the last guy is now left standing with jury. anyway these guys were my classmates back in claret
    (batch ’94) and its good to know they’re still around. the only thing i could say about fritz is, he used to be so quiet in class and did fairly well. but as soon as he started to play the guitar, man, he rocked!

    kudos fritz for your new album! i hope to see it in i-tunes one day.


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