fritz again :)

[I Never Cry was] originally done by Alice Cooper in mid-70’s. My version used to be full-band with heavy guitar riffs and drums. It was later recorded and arranged acoustically and we invited Chin of MYMP to play the guitar part for me.


That’s the official word from the mouth of THE man of the hour, Fritz Fredrix.


Actually, it’s a text message in reply to my request for information.


Watch out for another clip of one of his songs here. I’ll upload it as soon as I get my hands on a faster internet connection. Dial-up just plain sucks, you know?



(On that note, somebody please give me an original cd of Kjwan. Pleaaaaaaaaase. I was watching the mtv of their song One Look when I remembered I still don’t have a copy of their CD. bleh. Loserific. Come oooooon. Pleaaaaaaase! ^_^)


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