Silly headband

summer headband

My most recent expensive purchase. At P425 a pop, Silly Me Clothing’s summer headbands seem to be expensive for a fabric headband, especially since we can get one for about a hundred in SM. I was reassured, though, that, the fabric was top-notch, and that the over-all quality would be worth it.


Well. I got my headband a few weeks after I ordered it only because I was in the province when it was delivered. Anyway, the fabric was thick cotton (I think) and there was a small garter band that would allow a snug fit. When I tried it on, it reminded me again of the pink patterned headband I bought from SM last year for way cheaper. That one had a good snug fit also and had light silky fabric that was wide. The problem I had with THAT one is that because of the snug fit, the hem would leave a mark on the top of my forehead
so I had to fold that back. The problem now with that one is that I couldn’t fold it back too far or else the headband would slip off my head. In the case of the Silly headband, I could fold the wide band in half and it still sits snugly on my head.


The garter was a bit too small, though, so it’s a bit harder for me to wear the headband (mostly because I have extremely thick hair). The tails (absent from my SM headband) on this Silly headband made it seem like you just tied that gorgeous fabric around your head.


I’m still not sure it’s worth the P475 (+50 for shipping) I paid for it, but so far I’ve been happy. I’ll take it on its first official test drive tomorrow when I’ll go out on errands the entire day.


Silly Me Clothing specializes in fabric belts, but they have other accessories as well. I’ll post a review on their belts some other time.


visit Silly Me Clothing on Multiply here.


//edit. I LOOOOOOVE IT!!! =)


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