the curious incident of the dog in the night-time

novel by haddon

“There is tremendous insight about what goes on inside the head of a young man with Special Needs. That’s pretty much what kept me go ing. Most of the time, it was all about maths, and since I wasn’t a math person, this book bored me a bit.”


It was interesting, though, to read about John Christopher Boone’s thoughts. His mind worked logically and mathematically. He is completely removed from his emotions, which is why his understanding of other people is very limited and he only understands things literally.


Here’s an excerpt:


And I replied, “But I don’t feel sad about it. Because Mother is dead. And because Mr. Shears isn’t around anymore. So I would be feeling sad about something that isn’t real and doesn’t exist. And that would be stupid.” (In response to being asked about how he felt when he found out something bad that happened).


There was one math problem in the book called The Monty Hall Problem and it took me a while to get it, but I was immensely happy when I did. The equation part fizzled in my brain but the illustrated explanation cleared it up. Just goes to show I really am a visual person. Numbers are just really abstract for me.


I rated this 3 stars in Shelfari. The quote under the book cover picture above was my short review in that site.


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