When Love Begins

note: as i was revieweing this before publishing, i realized how i keep jumping from formal to informal language. i couldn’t organize my thoughts properly.

AND sorry that this is really such a wasted review. that movie blew my brains out haha.


Hm. I don’t know if I should begin with this:


or this:


Let’s see.

It all started when a certain tall person/friend #1 invited me and friend#2 to watch “When Love Begins” starring Aga Muhlach and Anne Curtis. After our first foray into Philippine romantic cinema with Toni Gonzaga, Sam Milby and Kristine Hermosa proved to be a success, we expected kind of the same thing with Aga and Anne. In our excitement, we invited friend #3 and, along the way, friend #4.

Our movie date? Last Tuesday, the 6th of May.

Venue? Promenade, Greenhills.

We settled down into our comfortable seats and enjoyed the trailers. At 6pm, the movie began. We weren’t expecting a hit like “Pretty Woman,” you know, but we never expected this movie to be such a disappointment.

So why the laugh at the beginning of this post? This movie is just ridiculous, that’s why.

The pacing of the story progressed slower than a snail in a 100m dash event. While Anne’s outfits were dreamy, her pa-cute expressions and acting were completely the opposite (I expected more from this woman). Aga’s i-have-to-keep-my-mouth-closed-to-hide-my-awful-teeth-but-I-need-to-show-my-dimples look was tiresome, that love scene was just completely laughable, the inconsistencies were just too many to ignore (hey, I’m known for being a nitpicker) and oh I could go on and on and on!

We KNEW that this movie is very formulaic, but at the same time, we also saw evidences of how the writer and director tried to inject something new in it. The problem is that the whole formula became unbalanced, leaving the movie in a dung heap.

Let’s see. Song title for a movie title, check. Cheesy lines, check. Pa-cute actors and actresses, check. What the writer/director tried to incorporate is the trend in relationships where there is NO COMMITMENT, and while the movie does, in a way, succeed in tackling that issue, the resolution just felt so contrived and CHEESY.



We love cheese.

And because we love cheese, we sort of love this movie, too.

Some spectacularly spectacular lines (not verbatim):

Attorney, are you trying to lecture me? Let’s just enjoy the moment! Let’s enjoy the beach!

I’ll tell you when I want to talk to you. I DECIDE. (feminist si ateh)

You can kiss me again if you want to. (pero maharot. labo mo ha.)

It’s not enough that you accept me for who I am. You also have to accept me for what I’m not. (weenur)

I certainly hope not! Sosyal ako e! (CHAMPION)

Ang sarap ng ganito: no commitments, no responsibilities. (FAT LOT OF GOOD THAT DID YOU TWO)

hahaha. sorry, obviously this movie has seriously affected me lol.

plenty of laughs in this movie. two stars for the cheese and the laughs and anne curtis’s outfits. hahahahaha!

Oh yeah, I’m now a Toni Gonzaga fan (sort of) because I enjoy her movies more and I was impressed with her acting in the movie “My Big Love,” which I saw also with tall person/friend #1 and friend#2.



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