i don’t need to watch pbbt+ to know…

… what is going on.

my mom keeps me updated. my co-workers keep me updated. my brother keeps me updated. gah. it’s everywhere!

i read someone’s post on multiply about how “damaging” pbb is to teens who enter the house. with teens left all alone to fend for themselves and without an adult presence to guide them, there is a great risk of completely altering these teens’ lives for the worse.

perhaps a small good thing here is that the teens had their guardians with them in the house, albeit in a different area. the problem here is that the guardians and the teens have limited interaction with each other, which, in turn, limit the amount of guidance the guardians can provide the teens. on the other hand, if the guardians are with the teens 24/7, that might put a strain on the interaction and relationship of the teens because they might feel like they are being “policed.”

my mother said that pbb teens is a good springboard for discussion with my youngest sister. when she and my sister watch, my mom uses it to discuss the proper values. that is well and good, but the majority of people who watch the show do not have their parents talking to them about these things. i also bet most of them aren’t welcome to the idea of having their parents talk to them about values while watching the show.

the nicosef/yonic (jeez, so many names!) love team has caused much gossip outside the house and problems not only for the teens but also for the guardians, specifically nicole’s mom. i understand how the mom is worried that her daughter is doing something wrong. i understand, too, that in such circumstances wherein you have interaction only with the same set of people, one’s emotions can be heightened beyond one’s control.

now i hear that josef’s girlfriend mica ocampo has spoken up through her blog (no, i’m not spilling her blog address; i discovered one of them, assuming she has more than one blog). she has requested for some respect and has declared that she trusts josef and does not hate nicole.

i don’t watch the buzz so i don’t know what josef said about nicole and mica when he was interviewed there. truth be told, i really want josef to stay with mica. nicole seems like a decent girl, but i hope she understands how it feels to have a relationship broken up by a third party. i’m sure she wouldn’t want the same thing happen to her.

i also hear that people currently dislike priscilla. she seemed to be such a sweet girl who was able to cope well with her hearing disability when she first came in, but as the people saw on their tv sets, she was not as good-natured and sweet as how they initially perceived her.

will she be the next one evicted? there’s a big possibility in that, unless she has a lot of supporters that the masses don’t know about.

i feel for that new girl andy/andi eigenmann, but i was annoyed at how she completely bailed at that military thing that happened while she was there. yes, that is a peeve of mine. oh, and she’s from miriam college, if you haven’t yet figured it out from what robi said about her school being beside his.

there’s a new house player? i don’t know how to spell said person’s name who told ej who showed his deathly fear of frogs during a task not to think about said amphibian as “palaka” but as “frog.” for the uninformed and ignorant, “palaka” is the tagalog word for “frog.”


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