all smushed up

VNC philippines has a Sex and the City promo. If you buy any VNC product (i don’t remember if there’s a minimum price), you get a chance to watch the movie premiere on the 27th of May in Rockwell.

i said it before and i’ll say it again: i love love love their shoes.

on another note, if you’re an HSBC credit card holder, you get 10% off for your purchases in that store.

priscilla got evicted. OLD NEWS. the housemates nominate each other face to face. what’s that called again?

i needed new flats because my latest favorite pair broke. what the hell. anyway, i bought a pair of ridiculously expensive pair of sandals made in india from PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE.


for some reason, the shoes from that store are the only ones that don’t make my feet look fatter than they really are.


i love the tv series CHUCK. love love love.


the semi-recently opened Bestsellers bookstore (owned by National Bookstore) is the cheapskate’s version of heavenly Fully Booked. i went there for the first time today and it was love at first sight! sadly, though, i had to leave the store empty handed because i was tightening my belt. oh those beautiful, beautiful books just left there on the cold, hard shelves!


4 thoughts on “all smushed up

  1. just wondering, where’s Bestsellers located? We were in a hurry when we tried to look for it in Galleria because I thought I read it was there. If so, what floor? Thanks in advance.


  2. hi derdo, bestsellers is on the top floor of galleria right in front of the cinemas near the escalators. the entrance is a bit to the side, though, so you might not spot it at once. happy book shopping! =)


  3. Hello. Just saw your reply. See? I was on the top floor but I didn’t notice it. Good thing I asked you. I’ll check it out next time. Thanks.


  4. Hi again. Thanks to you I’ve been to Best Sellers because we were able to find it by heeding your advice – it’s a bit to the side. thanks.


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