Today I went to Ateneo to try and finish shifting. Of course, I had to get reinstated first because I was AWOL last year.

I went to the Grad Services office first to try and get a LoadRev form, which, as I expected, I was denied of getting because “LoadRev-ing” is only done right after registration. I inquired as to what else needed to be done, and I was told that I had to get reinstated first before I can shift (duh for me, right?).

I headed over to the Registrar–now in the ground floor of the SocSci building–where I talked to the one who handles my records as advised by the Grad Services office. She told me to fill in the reinstatement form, give it back to her, then give it to my “home” department, which was currently the Educ Dept, for signing/approval.

As I was filling in the form, I noticed there were areas to be filled in by the registrar about the applicant’s grades. Apparently, Incomplete, C and B- grades are very much worth noting in the reinstatement process. It was a good thing then, that my lowest was… A-, I think. haha. I was eligible for reinstatement, thank goodness, so I proceeded to the Educ Dept on the top floor of the same building, gave my form to the secretary, and was told to pick it up on Monday as the DC was not present. I told Ms. Fe about my intention of shifting and was told that it was okay but that I have to sign up for advisement first. The only available slot that fit in my schedule was Wednesday afternoon (28 May).



Because I have to get my reinstatement form on Monday then submit it to the registrar before the offices close and go to Ateneo for my advisement on Wednesday. Then the week after is reg period, and THEN I still have to loadrev in order to shift.

This leaves me little time to work on my bulletin board and even plan with my teammates for the upcoming first few weeks of school (we actually started already, but didn’t get to finish) because the remaining days are reserved for retreats/recollections, parents orientation, and a bunch of other meetings.

If this is a foreshadowing of things to come this school year, then I really really REALLY cannot relax even ONCE.


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