no turning back.


i’m going to enroll this first semester AGAIN after ten years (hyperbole, if you didn’t catch that). my advisement last wednesday was pretty quick and painless, as all advisements should go. i literally didn’t have to see my DC. i just got the schedule from the other department i was shifting into then had my current DC sign my advisement slip.


if you’re in the least bit interested in what’s going on with my academic life, i’m shifting into LCS from Educ. those are masteral courses, mind you. i haven’t been in school for two years, and now i finally get to shift to my original choice.


my schedule is crazy. sort of. at two subjects this first sem, who am i to complain right? seriously, though, it’s six hours straight for just TWO classes. 3 hours of one subject and another three hours of the other subject. SIX STRAIGHT HOURS. gah! oh, i don’t remember the names of the subjects; they’re too long. first one has to do with methodologies of research and the other one lit theory. the second one i’m excited about. =))


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