no more PBB

for now.


i mean, COME ON PEOPLE. leave the teens ALONE! stop searching for mica ocampo and leave the woman alone. wordpress has this nifty feature that lets users see how people get to their blogs. about 50% of my visitors have searched for mica ocampo or a teen housemate (or nicosef. no really, they searched nicosef).


yes, i’m enjoying the blog traffic, but i’d enjoy it more if people read my blog for the other posts.


i’ll talk about PBB again when it’s back to the regular ADULT housemates. i can bitch about them without feeling guilty, which is why i choose not to watch the teens edition. if i do, i end up bitching about them (like what i did with nicosef) even though i know these teens have so much growing up left to do. instead of looking at the positive things (like robi. yiheee, biased, lol), i see the parts i can bitch about. so yeah, the teen edition is a no go for me.


happier posts to come next. well, sort of. =))


i wonder how much traffic i can get just by mentioning housemates’ names. hmmmmmm.


that’s right people. you’re not getting any juicy thing from me for now. besides, my “sources” work in the other station, so if i’m posting any news here, it’ll most likely be about people THERE (i mean, it’s not like i’ve posted any news of any substantial worth, but yes, i DO get news, if you know what i mean).


ugh don’t mind my shallowness. *sigh* it pops up every now and then.


4 thoughts on “no more PBB

  1. that’s so cool, seriously.
    protecting MICA OCAMPO and stuff.
    leave her alone, people.
    life goes on without JOSEF ELIZALDE.


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