because i can’t stand to wait for my new laptop, which is rumored to finally arrive tomorrow, i scoured the world wide web/multiply haha for some decent laptop bags or laptop sleeves.

here are a few that i found:

Cathy’s Marlene laptop bag: P2,200
i like the black, but this one is nice, too. it’s just a tad bit too expensive for me.
(for pink lovers, there’s a pink version of this)

Noyp face print laptop sleeve: P800
with heavy duty foam (10mm as opposed to the standard 3mm) for extra protection

vanillatop laptop sleeves/bags: P500/small bag
hm. looks familiar. hahaha. a friend of mine has the pink one. only figured out today that she got it from multiply.

punchdrunk panda laptop sleeves: P650-700/medium sized sleeve
the pouch is free. the designs are… decent, to say the least. very simple. not too many designs, which is a shame.

blauorange tech totes: P910/tote
my favorite. i’m not a pink-lover, but i like the passion fruit color. that one has a light gray exterior, dark pink interior with removable padded sleeve. this pink mallow pic is the only one that shows the interior of the bag so i used this one. it’s available in powerbooks greenbelt and now i hear it’s available in trinoma, too.

last night while doing my multiply-window shopping, i told a friend that i could just buy a laptop sleeve and a big tarpaulin bag (cheap! ^_^) then i can just stuff my laptop into the sleeve, and that into the tarp bag haha. for added variety, since i only have one bag big enough to carry my new laptop. la la la.

back to work on tuesday. this is the most painful long weekend ever. the wait for the laptop is agonizing! lol. drama much.


One thought on “excited

  1. Hi,

    Just chanced upon this page while searching for punchdrunk panda and laptop sleeves in google.
    Punchdrunk Panda actually had over 20 designs before, but the rest of the designs are already sold out. 😛


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