Blauorange’s Laptop bag

their tech tote is really handy. it’s a bit bigger than what i expected, but it’s okay since i usually carry a lot of stuff. i still end up carrying two bags since i want to distribute the weight; the macbook’s heavy enough as it is (it’s not too heavy, but a laptop’s a laptop).


the thing i love most about it is that it really doesn’t look like a laptop bag. =)


i just wish the pads in the removable sleeve was thicker, and that there was no velcro on the outside of the sleeve that attached it to the inside of the bag. kinda ruined the look. and the material of the inside of the sleeve was the same as the outside. kinda scary because it might scratch the macbook (and it has, although they’re really negligible, unless you’re OC that way). so i’m saving up for the Noyp sleeve. a friend’s friend showed me her Noyp sleeve and the padding was THICK. she said it was a good investment because her macbook survived a fall (nothing like the one from Technomax where Oli dropped the laptop at waist height, but you get what i mean right?)


so there. i’m content with the tech tote. =)


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