Eva Ibbotson’s “A Song for Summer”

I finished the book before finishing the work that I needed to do.

That’s how much this book captured my attention. The story is simple: a young woman, beautiful and with a pure heart, in love with a young and musically talented man, finds that love is not enough against the war that was waged in the world at that time, that it injected and fueled anger and rage and hatred in men whose beloved friends and families were endangered or killed.

The simple yet painful love story of Ellen Carr and Marek Tarnowsky (nee Marcus von Altenburg) does not move one to tears, yet it tugs at your heartstrings and you find yourself feeling for the characters. Ibbotson’s beautiful imagery only adds to the empathy, and even if tragedy struck more than once in the story, you know… no… you hope that what you find in the end will undo or at least alleviate all that pain that the war caused. It… it… it… it draws you in and refuses to let you go.

Wonderful. That’s really all I can say now.


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