Another Cinderella Story

mmmkay. Before all you ladies and gents groan at the prospect of “another” blatant modernization of the Cinderella story, let me just say that most romantic comedies we have today ARE modernizations of the Cinderella story so zippit, read, or move on.


Selena Gomez. The Latina lass from Disney’s Wizards of Waverly Place is fast proving herself to be a force to be reckoned with in the teeny-bopper teen idol industry. La Lohan’s now out (of the closet… or maybe just rummaging through it, go figure), Hilary’s out doing film fest movies (War, Inc. anyone?), the Olsens are… somewhere, while Vadge (as Perez calls Hudgens) is still busy… um… twitching.


Back to Selena Gomez, who, apparently, was named after the late Latina pop star queen Selena. This younger Selena is giving her namesake great reason to be proud. Gomez has the looks and the moves that guarantee her stardom. In her straight-to-DVD movie “Another Cinderella Story,” Gomez shows that she can act, dance, sing, and make young teenage boys cry.


In this version of the fairy tale classic, the stepmother is a has-been popstar, the stepsisters are awkward, bitter and unintelligent girls who are horrible dancers, while little Cindy, er, Mary who does all the chores is a great dancer aspiring to study in the Manhattan Dance Academy. Her prince charming is Joey Parker, the movie’s version of Justin Timberlake, who comes to her 90211 school to “remember why he danced in the first place.” The glass slipper is an mp3 player dropped by Mary at a school masquerade ball, and the rest, as they say, is history.


Yes, the movie is substandard, meant only to feed the fancies of little girls everywhere, but it does its job very well, and Gomez is hands down the star of this one. That little “secret” dance routine in the dance school… pick up those jaws off the floor, boys. The little witch of Waverly Place is growing up to be a fine young lady.


Truth be told I don’t like the little teen star, but I’m not going to deny the fact that she’s got talent AND skill. The movie’s plot may be a dime a dozen, but it showcases Gomez’s acting, dancing and singing chops properly. Your little sisters, daughters, cousins will love her (and the songs, too. My sister was singing along to ALL the songs my gawd), and you… you will enjoy the movie. 🙂


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