Lost in Austen (2008)

Alex Kingston (ER, Lost in Austen) said it best. What woman hasn’t fantasized about meeting Mr. Darcy in the flesh after reading Pride and Prejudice?

ITV’s recent TV mini-series hit “Lost in Austen” had practically every Austen fan glued to their screens to see this girl live out their fantasies, even though this, too, was a fantasy.

Amanda Price is living pretty much a boring life in London, spiced up only by her trysts into her favorite Jane Austen novel, Pride and Prejudice. The night her boyfriend drunkenly proposes to her, she finds THE Elizabeth Bennett in her bathroom, amazed but nonetheless excited about her new discovery. The two, in a manner of speaking, agree on switching places to explore the “other” world. What ensues is just pure hilarity. That or absolutely cringe-worthy moments.

Like many people on the forums or blogs who have talked about this before me, this series is not to be taken seriously. The show is indeed very funny and highly entertaining and has wonderfully breathtaking scenery. The series manages to pay homage to England’s wonderful location spots, Austen’s fine witty writing, and the fantasies of women the world over. Jemima Rooper, who plays the out-of-place out-of-time Amanda Price, does very well in causing trouble and fixing it all up and causing some more. The ending is… well… something that purists would possibly hate, but, like I said, should not be taken seriously.

With that in mind, I have no doubt you’ll find this greatly enjoyable.

Memorable Scenes

Amanda makes Mr. Darcy do a Colin Firth-ian Darcy and has him come out of the water all wet.

“Badly done, Mr. Bingley. Badly done,” is a reference to another Austen story, Emma.

Amanda and Lizzie Bennett meet again in modern-day London, and Lizzie, with her new pixie haircut, lends her cell phone to Amanda, in old drab English garb. Amanda, stunned, quips, “Elizabeth Bennett is lending me her mobile.”


Things that annoyed me
Darcy looked like he was going to headbutt everybody’s heads off with his bow.

Jane was ugly, and she was supposed to be the prettiest of them all.

Lady Catherine was skinny and looked like an old hag. I had imagined her to be a large imposing woman. Judi Dench was better in that role.

Georgiana was a female dog WTH.

No mention of how Amanda got on without indoor plumbing. That should’ve been interesting. =))

The ending.
Things I liked

Wickham being USEFUL. haha.

Amanda landing one on hateful Mr. Collins.

The whole premise of the story.


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