twilight vs. takipsilim





sorry, i’m not even a fan of twilight, but this is just both hilarious and outrageous. oh goodness.


if this is true, i don’t want to admit i’m Kapamilya anymore because of this. (oh apparently, they also had a Gossip Girl remake)


even though i hate twilight, i’m all for making literature accessible to the masses, but honestly, this is just preposterous.


quick. somebody pay me to read the book and i’ll make a kick ass story inspired by twilight and not a remake of it.


(do it quick before i lose my nerve lol)


One thought on “twilight vs. takipsilim

  1. I’m a “Twilight” hater too myself. This rumor has already been cleared I believe by ABS-CBN. It was just a hoax by someone who loves to do Adobe editing and wanted to get famous. LOL.

    Anyway, I’m just so glad I was able to find a Twilight co-hater such as you. ^_^


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