back to work

in a few minutes i have to get my ass off this bed, pack up Boyd (my macbook) and my other things, take a bath, and head on out to manila because tomorrow, I go back to work, even though technically our big boss called work off tomorrow for an extended holiday because we did well when those visitors from heaven knows where came to observe us.

i haven’t been working as diligently as i should have. maybe it’s because i’m currently not liking my work, i don’t know. among my friends, i’m supposed to be the happiest in the chosen career. and so i am, i guess. but this past year’s really been hell on me especially since i’ve been given a new assignment, new teammates to work with and to top it all off i decided to go back to school for my M.A. and boy did that screw me over big time.

alex was right. when uber stressed out, i tend to just space out and drop my work. tsk tsk. this year, though, i’m determined to change all that. i miss my old teammates, yes, but that doesn’t give me the right to slack off just because i don’t like my new teammates. i’m the most senior in the team although in terms of total work years i’m just a junior. added pressure that i have to live with. i really need to work harder. my boys need me to be in tip top shape all the time. i owe it to them to do my best.


it’s gonna be a busy year for me.

my only consolation for now is that i’m getting my new phone soon. and i’m going to post my own review on it when i get it. 😀


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