quickie reviews


I managed to tick off half of the items I put on my work-related To Do list. In London Tipton’s words, “Yay me!”

So after two hours in freezing Starbucks (didn’t go to Mcdo despite the free wifi precisely because of that one. didn’t want to get distracted), I’m taking a break and gonna make quickie reviews. I’m going to cheat (sorry!) because I don’t really have time.


Belle de jour power planner

I got introduced to this last year when my best friend gave me one for Christmas. It was a big help in helping me keep track of a lot of things such as due dates, birthdays, appointments, goals and even my period. Knowing how absent-minded I am, I wasn’t able to completely maximize the planner last year, but for those times that I did use it, I found myself in control of my time and my life.

This year, I fully plan to use this planner as much as I can. God knows I need major organization in my life. Anyway, the layout of the planner has been changed. There are now time slots (whatever they’re called) in the spaces for the daily entries. I personally could care less for the time slots, but it keeps, at the very least, your daily schedule in organized chronological order. (Shet that sounded so lame).

The tweeners (those pages in between the months) now have a monthly spread (the technical terms are obviously lost on me), more bookmarks/ribbons, a free notepad, and last but not the least, more coupons.

The only coupons I fully plan on using are the CBTL, Celine, Folded and Hung and Ace Water Spa coupons. The rest… Hm. we’ll see.

So far, so good. It’s only been the fourth day of the new year, but I’ve already been able to plan the next two weeks of my life. Er. Not really, but you get the point.

If you don’t have this planner, get one next year. That Starbucks planner is overrated. Too bad Ateneo didn’t produce a sesquicentennial planner. People would have lapped that one up in an instant.


The Time Traveler’s Wife

I’m still not doooone! I got stuck in the middle. Somehow I don’t feel the desire to go on. I’m not usually this slow in reading books (I finished the Deathly Hallows in a day), but… I don’t know.

The first half of the book was okay. I’m kind of not looking forward to seeing the conflict.

So. A decent review when I actually finish the book.


Eagle Eye

eagle-eye-movie-poster_355x5541I only saw the second half of the movie. I have to say: Shia LaBeouf  has an Oscar coming his way soon. I don’t like him personally (yeheheesss, feeling close), but he IS a damn good actor.

Again, decent review when I’m done with work (the paperwork is killing me!).

Just a comment: That Eagle Eye thing… I think humans are still too stupid to create something that powerful and smart. Or maybe it’s because humans are stupid that they could go ahead and create something like that anyway.


I’m going to see if Flora wants to watch Desperadas with me. Or Benjamin Button. End of lollygagging. Back to work.


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