Forgot I had this.


Happy New Year, folks! Here’s my New Year’s review


waitressKeri Russell deserves to be an A-Lister.

Well. Really. It’s the understated movies that tend to be the most beautiful.

Take this simple story, for instance. Jenna Hunterson (Keri Russell) is a woman gifted with the skill of making THE most wonderful pies in the world. You’d think she’d capitalize on this gift, but the woman is unhappily married and is very much unhappily expecting a baby. Add to that the fact that she is attracted to her new doctor, Dr. Pomatter (Nathan Fillion), who is married to an adoring and beautiful wife. The affair gives her a sense or a semblance of happiness in the midst of her drab and depressing life.

People who are used to the quick pace of action movies or even of blockbuster romantic-comedies may find this little ditty of a movie boring, but to those with a tad bit more patience, this movie comes across as charming and meaningful. Who hasn’t felt stuck in a rut they couldn’t get out of? Who hasn’t entertained the thought of changing careers or doing something “dirty” because it was fun? In the end, though, we’re reminded to do the right thing, the right and GOOD thing, because, really, that’s what matters.

And in the wake of our misguided, misinformed judgments and decisions, there’s only one thing to do: JUST START FRESH.


3 thoughts on “Waitress

  1. yin, i think you’re referring to debra messing. keri russell’s the agent that tom cruise trained in MI:3 who died at the start of the movie. =) thanks for stopping by!


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