nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Yep, I was one of those who lined up for the Nokia 5800 at the launching in Bonifacio High Street. I didn’t get the free Sennheiser headset, but it’s all good; at least I got the phone cheaper plus an invite to that Hed Kandi party this week (wanna buy it from me? leave a comment).



First Impressions

After paying for the phone, we had the choice of using the phone at once or waiting till we get home. I saw that Nokia reps were around to give mini-tutorial sessions on the phone. I immediately approached one and she helped me with the basics.

When I saw the phone, the first thing that ran through my mind was “Wow, it’s finally mine.” I was disappointed at first that I got the blue (they ran out of red and had to wait for the next batch; me being impatient just got the blue), but I realized that the blue was, in itself, pretty nice already. It was understated and not so bold as the red one, which works perfectly for me.

The screen’s 3.2 inches is, I believe, smaller than the iPhone screen, but I’m not complaining. It shows me everything I need to see and that’s enough.


FOUR…count that again… FOUR text input options: alphanumeric, full QWERTY, mini QWERTY and handwriting. I’ve tried all options and you could say I’m a traditionalist because I still prefer the alphanumeric input system. The problem with this one is that I sometimes have to keep re-typing a letter because the phone doesn’t detect the number of times I press something. What I heard is true, you have to use the tips of your fingers so that the phone can more easily detect what you are typing.

When I use the full QWERTY option, my E and R gets mixed up sometimes.

No problem with miniQWERTY and handwriting options.


Music player

Clear sound, Music library arranges tracks into categories for organization (artist/album/genre, etc), displays album art.

So far, so good.

Three things, though. I had a minor scare last Friday. My music player would play the song but no sound would come out. The volume had to be adjusted every time you play a song to be able to hear the song. I nearly panicked. I turned off my phone, waited a few minutes, then turned it back on. Thankfully, the player was back to normal.

Next, there were no pre-loaded Kjwan tracks. WHAT. THE. HELL. I could care less about the videos, but I wanted those Kjwan songs (yes, I’m a fan).

Lastly, the speakers. Design flaw. If you turn the phone to landscape format and lay it down on a table or any flat surface without using the stand, you’d find that the speakers are now UNDER the phone. I don’t always carry the stand because I find it unnecessary, but when I realized how ill-placed the speakers were, my all out adoration for this phone dropped.

But still, this phone’s speakers kicks my MacBook speakers’ ass. =)



Not bad at 3.2 MP. The night time picture-taking will have to be deferred, though, because there’s too much “noise” (if that’s the correct term) in the picture. 

Here’s a sample of what the camera can do in sunlight. I took a picture of my boy’s art.


Good enough for me.


Others: Downloading free music/Going online/Alarms/Birthday entries

I don’t like the songs that you can download. Bryan Adams, Akon, a few songs from Boyz II Men, Bjork, etc. Plus tons of Chinese songs. THIS is what Nokia’s offering in their Download Free Music promo?! I’m hoping they’ll add more songs SOON.

And speaking of downloading songs, better if you download using WiFi because it’s free of charge. While we’re on the subject of WiFi, this phone easily connects with available WLAN networks. I was able to connect with the WiFi here at home, at work, even in free WiFi places in selected McDo branches and in Gateway Mall/Araneta Center.

As for the alarm, I find the multiple alarm feature very helpful. I set my alarm to wake me up in the mornings on workdays only so that it doesn’t go off on the weekends. Then if I need another alarm, I don’t have to delete the previous alarm to do that. If this feature’s been available on the higher end Nokia phones, then forgive my ignorance, but this feature I really like.

On the downside, I found that I cannot input birthdays in my contacts list. There’s an option there that allows you to do that, but whenever I try to, the screen goes back the home screen. Um. Right.



Those are the only things I’m going to talk about because they’re the applications I use the most. I haven’t explored everything so I leave you with this link for a complete review on the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. 


I like this phone, and I’m keeping it. Hopefully, I don’t experience the same troubles that others have had with their 5800 units (see comments on this blog entry)


Price? I bought mine for P19,990 at the Nokia store. I heard that SM malls sell it for P20k+.


5 thoughts on “nokia 5800 XpressMusic

  1. How about the picture and the price? ^_^

    This is a nice buy if I would base it from your findings. I’m considering of buying a new phone because the one I’m using now is a Jurassic. Hahaha..

    Thanks for the info. This is really helpful for me.


  2. Actually I heard somewhere that, because of the speakers being on bottom side, the sound comes after reflecting from the surface. Even if you keep the phone flat on its backside, the sound coming from the phone is louder. So the design is specifically like that. 🙂


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