When I Met You (a GMA production)

sabog review because i wrote this in one go. will edit tomorrow, too sleepy to care right now.


Aaah. KC and Richard, together again.


Their first starrer under Star Cinema proved to be a relatively decent movie especially with beautiful Santorini, Greece as the backdrop for the development of their love story.


In this GMA production, KC Concepcion and Richard Gutierrez team up again to rekindle that on-screen flame. Sadly, though, that flame died out in the first few SECONDS of the movie.


Okay, let me correct myself, we were about five minutes late, but as far as I know, we didn’t miss much, except that KC’s and Richard’s characters (whose names I have now forgotten) had agreed to go to Coron, Palawan together to attend the wedding of their partners’ friend. With me so far?


Their partners, Alfred Vargas for KC and Iya Villania for Richard, come from well-off families and are have very lucrative and distinguished careers. Doc Albert (Vargas) is a veterinarian, while Tracy (Villania) is a pastry chef who works at Mrs. Fields. KC and Richard, on the other hand, are lower middle class people whose jobs are less than glamorous. KC is a promo girl at a supermarket, while Richard is a charter plane pilot whose previous jobs involve other blue collar jobs and whose father is a small time gambler.


KC and Richard fly to Coron together but do not get there at once due to a plane engine malfunction. They make an emergency landing in the water near an island close to Coron. With no way to communicate and ask for immediate rescue (their cellphones were unavailable), the two are stranded waiting for their friends to realize that they were in trouble and come help them.


The exchange between KC and Richard while they were stranded was already an indication of how awful the movie was going to be. Hm. On second thought, their argument at the hangar was already a painful clue to the movie’s total lack of decent quality.


The story revolved around two individuals stuck in seemingly ideal relationships yet eventually find that they are unhappy. They find each other and fall in love despite their respective partners trying to get in the way. Pretty basic, right? The problem is that the development of the plot left much to be desired especially since EVERYTHING felt contrived. Nothing seemed nor felt right in the development of the story. It all seemed like the fantasy of some hopeless romantic who wanted everything to fall into place even though you knew there was little or even NO chance at all of these things happening. While there had been other movies that had this type of story, the writer and director were able to pull off the task of making the audience believe that these events COULD happen. Remember “Sleepless in Seattle?”


In line with this problem I have with the plot is another thing I would like to comment on: the dialogue. The characters would say something to which the other person would react. This reaction would more often than not be totally unexpected in the sense that the character gave no context at all for the person to react that way. (Iya’s and Richard’s conversation in Canada)


Acting. Can you say “over the top?”


Because that’s what it was when it came to the main characters’ portrayal. KC was trying hard to portray a poor little uneducated girl but fails MISERABLY. Seriously, she should stick to rich girl roles because that’s what she is good at. One of the reasons her first movie with Richard worked was because she was so natural playing a working but rich girl out on vacation. This movie is a revelation of how much of a poor actress KC is. She would flit in and out of the poor little girl character in the scenes. And honestly, even her wardrobe choices betrayed her “rich girl actress background” (either that or the movie had a stylist who didn’t understand her character). Case in point: her footwear in the hotdog helmet scene. While she was promoting a hotdog product dressed in a silly promo girl uniform and a hotdog headdress that reached the heavens, she went around the grocery in black patent leather banana-heeled shoes. First of all, NO PROMO GIRL in her right mind would wear expensive high heels on a job that requires here to stay standing THE ENTIRE DAY. And if you argue that those heels might not actually be expensive, let me just tell you that SECONDLY, no shoes with high banana heels are available under P500, which seems to be what she can afford given her job. Now if you still want to argue that her rich boyfriend could have given her those shoes, then GO READ POINT NUMBER 1 AGAIN. And her clothes…. She should be wearing tiangge clothes, but on this point, the idea that her boyfriend may have given her the Bayo clothes (hello endorsement) is more plausible in this case. Anyway, all I really wanted to say is that EVERYTHING that KC did in this movie–from her acting to her wardrobe decisions–failed to accurately depict the character she was playing. This just added to the absolute torture of watching the movie.


And Richard? Bland, but SLIGHTLY better than KC in this movie.


Iya’s accent was annoying. Alfred Vargas was blander than Richard.


Location. They failed to maximize the beautiful scenery in Coron. And the second wedding (first one being that in Coron) proved problematic also. The bride left the Dusit Thai hotel in Makati and the convoy passed through Corinthian Gardens, but the church was in Manila. WHY in the world would you go all the way through Corinthian Gardens to go to a wedding in a church in MANILA which is in the opposite side of the metro?! Clearly, this was not well thought out. And the Canada scene? There were no outdoor shots. Everything “in Canada” was indoors. I bet they merely filmed it in some swanky and posh condo unit that they rented here in the Philippines.


You know what adds to the absolute torture of this movie? CHANDA ROMERO. Actually, it was her character that had us stumped. None of us knew what character she played. She just suddenly sprung up during the pre-wedding preparations giving advice to one of our lead characters without any hint at all of who she was playing. When we came out of the theater we were all saying, “WHO THE HELL WAS THAT WOMAN?!” When we ran into some high school students that one of my companions had taught before, we asked them about that mystery character but got nothing out of them since they didn’t know who she was either. *cries in frustration*


I am confident in my statement that this is a poorly-made movie and should not be seen on the big screen. Everybody I watched the movie with felt the same way. The teenage girls in front of us were complaining more than I was.


Seriously. Please. Spare yourselves. Consider this a public service announcement.



Nahiritan ako, “Maybe you’re too intellectual for the movie.” My answer: TALAGA. Sobrang ta— ng movie na ito. I’d say more, but I have already written more words about this movie than I should have. This movie deserves less effort from me.


One thought on “When I Met You (a GMA production)

  1. Nice! I like this review Reeyah! Eto ang hinahanap ko eh. Sabi ko na nga ba at palpak na naman ang feedback sa akin ng kapatid ko eh.

    Once in a blue moon lang ako nanonood talaga ng mga local movies at ang huli lang ay yung Feng Shui ni Kris Aquino. Period.

    Nai-imagine ko tuloy kung ako ang nanood nyan. Maygulay. Tatawa na naman siguro ako ng malala parang dun sa Twilight. Wala na talaga siguro tayong mga magagaling na writer sa Pilipinas noh? Nagsipaglipad na sila sa ibang bansa dahil ang gusto ng mga movie makers dito ay yung gaya-gaya lang na plot, hindi original at yung kahit anong patok sa masa kahit 100 times beses mo na narinig ang ganung istorya.


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